Anti Slip Anti Skid Coatings by National Sealing Co

NationalSealing 11 Anti Slip Anti Skid Coatings by National Sealing CoThe durability, longevity and proven results of National Sealing’s anti slip process has our crews traveling across the US and as far as Barbados to install this anti skid application. Local governments have recommended this system to pass inspections. Our anti slip process is like no other. Most so called “anti slip surface treatments” claim to create small suction cups on the surface, other merely alter the surface by microscopically etching with very minimal effects. The surface is Still Smooth! National Sealing’s process actually creates another, rough surface on top of the original. By applying our coating process to ceramic tiles, pool decks, stone, spa flooring (marble), terrazzo, we can offer a superior anti skid surface where others have failed.

  • National Sealing Co’s unique anti slip coating process creates a chemically changed surface.
  • Our process forms a chemical bond in addition to the mechanical bond.
  • The chemical process steals an electron from the substrate to become one with the original surface.
  • Any product that just creates a mechanical bond must be re-applied as that bond is broken by wear as well as Ultra Violet conditions.
  • This coating process is highly resistant to chemicals, and abrasion, which actually extends the life of the original surface and protects the surface from premature wear.

tile close up side angle Anti Slip Anti Skid Coatings by National Sealing Co

Anti Slip Anti Skid Coatings by National Sealing Co.

tile scale w text Anti Slip Anti Skid Coatings by National Sealing Co

Anti Slip Anti Skid Coatings for durability, longevity and proven results

We first apply a ‘tack’ layer with our coating, we then broadcast durable glass beads specifically manufactured for National Sealing for this application. We then ‘sandwich’ this non slip layer with a top coat of our  durable three part coating product. This results in a soft bumpy feel. Although slip tests on the coating alone surpass the national slip coefficient requirements, with the addition of our anti slip glass media, the resulting slip coefficient far exceeds the ability of current measuring devices.

Don’t make the mistake of sealing a surface, and adding over-the-counter anti slip particles or sand. In a very short period of time, the top of the embedded sand wears down leaving you with just the sealer, and a surface that is even more slippery. Our beads are manufactured to be as durable as the coating which holds the media.

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