Anti Slip Application for Stamped Concrete by National Sealing

ANTI SLIP APPLICATION - STAMPED CONCRETE - 2014-08-07 18.22.02-600 This customer in New Orleans had a large, newly installed stamped concrete deck. The deck had been sealed by the contractor which created a very slippery surface. A novice attempt was made to apply a sand-type non slip which was quickly worn down. We combine our durable coating process (vs. sealers), and our durable nano grip beads to deliver a long lasting, non slip surface.

Or coating process on average last 4-5 times longer than sealer. This is a three part formula with hardeners that results in durable, long lasting slip protection. Our process is applied by our trained professionals and is not sold. We’ve witnessed sealer processes that combine sealer with shaved plastic or ‘shark grip’ particles. This process is good – however only lasts about 6 months. The tops of the imbedded plastic wears, and you’re left with only a ‘sealed’ surface. This actually compounds the issue and actually makes the surface even more slippery. Our coating process combines small glass beads that are broadcast onto the surface and then ‘locked in’ with a top coat. The result is not only a durable coating, but a durable non slip aggregate as well.

We mobilize throughout the US as well as international applications. Currently we know of no other process that will match the durability and longevity of the coating process combined with our anti slip application.


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