Non Slip Application On Marble Pool Deck by National Sealing Co

2014-08-18 13.38.02-800This large estate had recently installed a beautiful marble pool deck, however a non slip application was needed. We applied our durable 3 part coating process in addition to our durable nano grip beads.

National Sealing Co specializes in non slip applications, and mobilize throughout the US and Internationally. We have had international applications in Sri Lanka, Belize, as well as Barbados. There are many liquids that a do-it-your-selfer can apply. However, as you might imagine the results are debatable, and temporary relief is a given.

Small jobs are also possible. We package multiple applications in cities all over the US which makes it possible to complete even the smallest application. Enquire to see if we have an upcoming trip to your area.

2014-08-18 17.25.17-800

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