Anti Slip Application For Stone

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A new, high end community in California installed an attractive, smooth stone throughout their community center. This stone was smooth and therefore slippery. After searching the US, and a lengthy vetting process, National Sealing was selected to apply our durable non slip coating process combined with our patented nano non slip beads.

Or coating process is a durable, multi-component process that includes a hardener. This is a more durable process than what a sealer might offer. Many products will not adhere to smooth surface. Our process is applied by our trained professionals and is not sold. We’ve witnessed sealer processes that combine sealer with shaved plastic or ‘shark-type’ particles. This process is good – however a very temporary solution. The tops of the imbedded plastic wears, and you’re left with just the sealer on the surface. This actually compounds the issue and actually makes the surface even more slippery. Our coating process combines small glass beads that are broadcast onto the surface and then ‘locked in’ with a top coat. The result is not only a durable coating, but a durable non slip aggregate as well.

Anti Slip Application - durable non slip coating process

Currently we know of no other process that will match the durability and longevity of the coating process combined with our anti slip application.

National Sealing has crews that can mobilize for applications nationwide as well as international.

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