Reclaimed Wood from EcoSimplista

Reclaimed Wood from EcoSimplista

Craft one of a kind furniture, shelving, siding, accent walls, or doors while adding character to your home, office, or business. Not to forget, you’re helping the environment by keeping perfectly good wood out of our landfills!

EcoSimplista’s Reclaimed Wood is carefully chosen for grain, color and quality.  This type of lumber offers a richness that can add warmth and refined elegance to any wood remodeling project.

EcoSimplista works with providers that find and salvage reclaimed wood from old homes, barns, warehouses and historic mills throughout the Southeastern U.S. All the reclaimed wood is hand-mill it for reuse in homes, offices, stores, and restaurants.

These types of reclaimed wood have been skipped planed and each batch of reclaimed wood is unique and varies in color and grain

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