Need Help with Substance Abuse?

JCs Recovery Center - South Florida Drug Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center
JC’s Recovery Center is a South Florida Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery Center offering Faith based PHP, IOP and outpatient treatment.
You or someone you love might be embarking on one of the most difficult journeys they may ever have to face; recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

At JC’s Recovery Center, our philosophy is based upon the theory that addiction is a three-fold disease; physical, mental and spiritual. We provide treatment for all three areas affected by addiction. We use the most current medical, psychological and spiritual approaches available.

JC’s Recovery Center offers some of the best drug addiction counselors in South Florida. We pride ourselves in having an elite team of substance abuse counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists along with a highly experienced administrative staff that knows exactly what it takes to achieve permanent sobriety. We not only draw from proven medical treatment for substance abuse, but from personal experience as many of our staff members are recovered from drug and alcohol addiction.

Substance Abuse Addiction is a very complex and all-encompassing illness. It affects nearly every aspect of our lives and the lives of those who love us. It is the only illness known to medical science that tries to convince the person that they don’t have it!! We understand why most of us come in conflicted and resistant. Our staff and addiction specialists know identification is of utmost importance.

Get Help Now! – Call (844) 524-6873  – At JC’s Recovery Center, we provide a proven long-term solution for people who have been suffering from alcohol and drug addictions – We accept all major insurance policies

JC’s Recovery Center
1818 Sheridan St, 2nd Floor, Hollywood, FL 33020