Barn Doors and Barn Door Hardware by EcoSimplista

Barn Doors and Barn Door Hardware by Ecosimplista in Broward, Florida

EcoSimplista offers eco-friendly products like Barn Doors and Barn Door hardware in South Florida
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New address: 217 SW 33rd Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

EcoSimplista believes it is possible to live life  green regardless of one’s income or position in life. It takes a step by step approach to transition to a less selfish, clean, sustainable lifestyle. Each step becomes its own reward. Let us all try to leave this planet, our home, cleaner than we found it for the future of all humanity.

As South Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly building supplies and home solutions, the mission of EcoSimplista is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will.

EcoSimplista is you center for selecting Barn Doors for your home or office in South Florida.

  • 3 Panel Craftsman Barn Door
    The 3-Panel Craftsman Sliding Barn Door adds a modern craftsman touch to a traditionally rustic barn door design
  • 5 Panel Acrylic Barn Door
    The Contemporary 5-Panel Glass Barn Door is the ultimate addition to any home. All doors are made from alder wood, and frosted or clear acrylic glass, offering your choice of transparency and modern design.
  • Artisan 2 Panel Barn Door
    he Artisan 2-Panel door is a variation of the 2-Panel door. The X in the lower half adds a distinct look and rush of rustic into any home decor.
  • Artisan Brace Barn Door
    The Artisan Brace barn door is divided into two panels. Vertical T&G is strengthening the core and engineered alder rails and stiles strongly holds the door square.
  • Chalkboard Barn Door
    The chalkboard center can capture ideas, act as a calendar, or display fun artwork done by the little ones. The barn door is made from hand-selected Engineered Alder Wood for the highest quality and lowest warping or movement by the wood.
  • Reclaimed Panel Barn Door
    The Reclaimed Panel Barn Door is made from hand-picked nature-aged lumber. Because of the unique quality of nature-aged wood we do not paint or stain the doors in our shop.
  • Z Sliding Barn Door
    The Z Sliding Barn Door is the essence of barn doors. While there is no limit in how the door is used, the simple construction and recognized Z design recalls recognition in the minds of all who see. The door is built with a paneled core of vertical boards

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