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EcoSimplistaWhat are some benefits of owning antiques and vintage furniture?

We are all aware that the environment is in a dangerous position and that for our planet to exist in the future, we need to change the way we live now. The atmospheric level of carbon dioxide increased 31% between the years 1800 and 2000, and we are watching the environment suffer in a multitude of ways as a result. Everything we do has the ability to affect the environment, and it’s important that we as individuals do what we can to minimize the damage. You can calculate your carbon footprint here to better understand the effect your daily life has on the environment.

One great way to go green is to furnish your home with antiques. By using antiques, you are giving them a new home and ensuring that they will stay out of a landfill. When garbage is piled in a landfill, bacteria break down the parts that are organic, and methane and carbon dioxide are released into the environment. Even though keeping an antique out of a landfill is only a small difference, each small difference matters. Antiques have a carbon footprint 16 times lower than newly manufactured pieces of furniture, making them a much more environmentally friendly choice.

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In addition to the environmental benefits of antiques, they are often beautifully made, recalling an intricacy and detail that is difficult to find in modern furniture. Investing in antiques is inviting history into your home, welcoming pieces whose pasts are storied. Even if you find an antique piece that is damaged or has a chipping coat of paint, don’t be discouraged – nearly all antiques can be refinished to have new, fresh life.

EcoSimplista - 1574 There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment; if you’re looking for furniture, finding antiques is a great step. At Eco Simplista, we are always bringing in antiques. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to keep up with our new finds.

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