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Medical Qigong comes from the ancient wisdom, culture, and practices of Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Clients Self-Practice

  1. Meditation and spiritual practices Meditation and spiritual practices in whatever spiritual path the client feels most inspired by. This assists the client in connecting to something larger than themselves and understanding their condition from a greater perspective of wholeness. It also opens one to the possibility of tremendous healing forces that are available from the spiritual realms.
  2. Dietary Changes are important to assist in the removal of stagnation and to give support to any deficiencies.
  3. Medical Qigong prescription exercises Medical qigong exercises are simple movements and/or meditations that the client performs daily that will benefit their particular condition. Medical Qigong exercises combine the use of breath with individual physical movements, creative visualization and intention. The primary goal is to purge toxic emotions from within the body’s tissues, eliminate energetic stagnation, as well as strengthen and balance the internal organs and energetic fields. Medical Qigong exercises empower the client to realize that they are an integral part of their own healing process.

Working with Medical Qigong

  1. Medical Qigong Healing between the physical body and the subtle bodies Medical Qigong Healing works to balance the physical and subtle bodies and create new imprints. Healing can initiate changes at all the different levels: physical, energetic, emotional/mental and spiritual. The experienced healer understands the relationship between the physical body and the subtle bodies as well as the interrelationship between elements, organs, meridians, chakras and disease patterns.
  2. Personal Process Therapy to work with Psychological issues Personal Process Therapy to work with Psychological issues is necessary to clear the emotional/mental bodies. Physical illness can be the result of long-standing emotional suppression. It is equally important to challenge limited or false belief systems and to have support for necessary life-style changes. Current body, mind and spirit paradigms recognize the inherent connection between these realms of experience. Body, Mind and Spirit can be separated only in theory, for in experience they are different dimensions of the same human consciousness. Medical Qigong exercises such as dry crying and beating the bag are just two of the many ways Medical Qigong practitioners work to resolve emotional issues.

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